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Wood stoves  Logan Utahand Preston IdahoBe emergency prepared!

 Welcome to Mr Cool Inc.  Logan Utah, Cache Valley and Southeast Idaho’s Wood stove specialist. 

Thinking about being emergency prepared?  Looking for a Wood stove in Logan Utah with a cook top surface?  High propane and electric bills got you down?  You came to the right place.  Mr Cool Inc. has hundreds of high efficient wood burning and pellet stoves burning in Cache Valley.  From simple and basic installations to the harder more extreme chimney systems Mr Cool inc. can help. Stay warm, stay prepared, save money try a high efficient wood burning or pellet stove today

Save money with a high efficient wood stove

·Professional wood stove installation and service

·Chimney pipe sales and installation

·Blower option on each stove

·Cook top surface

·Burn wood and be emergency prepared when the power goes out

·Each stove has real ceramic fired brick for a long lasting life.

·Each stove has a brick baffle design for max life and cheap replacement

·Get parts for your Lopi stove no matter how old it may be.

·Wood Stove Installation Southeast Idaho

·Secondary combustion helps achieve max efficiency.

·Heavy duty wood stove construction ensure performance

·Pellet Stove installation and service in Cache Valley

·Each pellet stove is built to last and perform

·Save money install a high efficient pellet stove today

·2100 degree Chimney pipe and fittings

·Black stove pipe sales


Wood Stoves

Lopi Liberty High efficient Wood Heater Southeast Idaho

Logan Utah Burn wood save money